How to set Jio Caller Tune? Find here!

Jio caller tune is a value-added service that helps you change your jio tune or set jio caller tune. Reliance jio is one of the best network providers in India. It provides a high-speed Internet connection to jio users. Jio network is the only reason for increasing data usage in India. It comes with lots of features like unlimited data and free voice calls.

Reliance jio is the best competitor for other networks like Airtel Vodafone Idea and more. Jio provides lots of mind-blowing features to jio users like high-speed internet connection and free voice calls.

After launching jio network almost all of them using jio sim on their smartphone. Millions of users used jio Sim and install jio applications on their smartphones. So reliance jio provides some extra features to jio users.
Jio Caller Tune
Jio Caller Tune
You can easily set your jio caller tune completely free. It is one of the unique features in this network. The other networks provide caller tune service for the paid version. Reliance jio network provides completely free to set favorite songs as caller tune. Hear this guide provides step by step procedures to set jio caller tune and how to change your favorite songs as your caller tune.

Overview of jio:

Almost all of them very well know about the reliance jio network. It is one of the fastest networks that provide high-speed internet connection in India. No other networks provide this speed. That's why most of them using jio sim on their smartphone. Jio caller tune is a value-added service that helps to change your caller tune with your favorite songs.

Using this jio caller tune feature you can select your favorite songs in the library and set as your caller tune. It comes with more than 400000 songs in jio tune catalog. So you can easily find your favorite songs in the list.

This feature is completely free to download for jio users. You can easily download and install it on your smartphone. Jio music or jio Saavn is available on Google Play Store. If you want to access all the jio applications from one place then you need to download and install Myjio App Store on your smartphone.

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How to change jio tune?

You can find several methods in the internet market to change jio caller tune. Here we provide the best ways to change jio tune.
  • By sending a message.
  • Jio Saavn app
  • By copying other jio number users.

How to activate caller tune on jio number with SMS?

It is very simple steps to change your jio caller tune with the help of SMS. Just follow these below steps to change your jio caller tune.
Jio Caller Tune
Jio Caller Tune
Send SMS JT to 56789 and follow the instruction. You can also use the below formats to set the caller tune.
  • Movie (movie name) and send it to 56789.
  • Album (album name) and send it to 56789.
  • Singer (singer name) and send it to 56789.

After sending this message jio will send a message in order to confirm. After complete disturb you have to do send a reply with "y" then jio will send a confirmation message to you.

How to set caller tune using jio Saavn app?

Jio Saavn app is completely free to download from Google Play Store. It is available on both Android and iOS devices. If you are using jio music app on your smartphone just update it on your app. Jio Saavn app is the latest version of jio music.
  • Install this application on your smartphone.
  • Open this app and log in using your jio ID and password.
  • Now search your favorite songs which you want to set your caller tune.
  • Once you select your favorite songs then click set as jio tune button.
  • Listen to your preview song and click on the set as jio tune button.
  • Now you will receive the activation confirmation message from jio. That's it. Your favorite song is set as your jio caller tune.

How to copy other jio caller tune?

If you want to set jio tune as another jio customer you need to press * button before the call stops ringing.
  • Now you will receive a message from 56767.
  • Now you need to reply with "y" select jio tune.
  • That's it. Now your Jio caller tune will be changed.

How to deactivate jio caller tune?

  • It is a very simple Step to deactivate your jio caller tune.
  • Just call on 155223 to deactivate jio caller tune.
  • You can also send SMS stop to 56789 to deactivate the jio caller tune.

We hope this article very helps to you. If you have any queries regarding this article this feel free to ask.

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