Jio4GVoice for PC Windows(7,8,10) Free Download

Jio4GVoice for PC: Are you trying to install the Jio4GVoice application on your PC Windows? Then you are in your correct place. Yes, this jio blog guide provides full details about all the jio application and its updates. Also, provide information about features of jio applications like jioTV, jio music, Jio4GVoice,  jio chat, jio security, jio cinema, and many more applications. Here in this article, we focus on the Jio4GVoice application. Reading this complete tutorial you will get more knowledge about Jio4GVoice for PC and how to install Jio4GVoice e on your PC Windows.

After launching jio network 90% of people in India using jio network because of its providing the fastest internet speed and lots of features. Jio comes with unlimited free data and voice calls to attract initial users. After that provides unlimited voice call and data at the lowest cost. Jio is the only reason for most of them using a 4G phone because jio is a 4G network. 
Jio4GVoice for PC
Jio4GVoice for PC
It supporting only on 4G phones. If you are your 3G phone user then you can use jio dongle and can access all the jio features. Some of people don't know how to use it? This blog helps to know more knowledge about jio applications.

Overview of Jio4G voice for PC:

Jio4G voice is one of the applications developed by jio that helps to make voice calls when you are using jio sim on your PC and laptop. Most of the people are using jio dongle to connect PC for using high-speed internet. At that time you make a voice call using in PC then you need an application called Jio4G voice. 

If your system supports mike and speaker then you can make a voice call using Jio4G voice application. You can use jio applications on your PC then you need some guide because jio applications are available on android and iOS devices. You can easily download it from the Google Play Store when you are using an Android smartphone.

Jio4G voice helps to make an unlimited voice call. Jio provides lots of features to the users. In that way, jio launching many more applications to the user like jio TV, jio cinema, Jio4G voice, jio music, jio security. You can also download all the jio applications from Myjio App Store if you are a jio sim user. Myjio App Store specially designs for jio users access all the jio applications and knows details about the data plan. 

You can also recharge your jio number using this Myjio app store. If you want Details about my jio app store then you can refer our blog. We provide full information about all the jio applications in our blog like jio TV, jio cinema many more applications for PC.

If you want to watch live TV programs on your smartphone then you can’t use jio TV application. It is one of the most popular jio applications these days. Jio Cinema is the best way to watch your favorite movies. You can watch your favorite movies from different languages and different categories. Jio security application is the best way to protect your personal information. You can use all the jio applications and its features even you are not jio user.

Why we go for Jio4GVoice for PC?

Of course, jio provides unlimited voice calls to jio users. Some of the Android Smartphones on not supporting volte option which helps to make a voice call. If you have volte option on your smartphone you can make voice calls even the data is off. Some of the 4G smartphones not supporting volte option so you need Jio4G voice application to make a voice call. 
Jio4GVoice for PC
Jio4GVoice for PC
When you have turn on mobile data then only you can make a voice call using Jio4G voice. If you want to make a voice call when you are using your PC then you need to Jio4G voice application install on PC Windows. We provide Step by step procedure to install Jio4GVoice  for PC.

How to download and install Jio4G voice for PC?

Jio is the fastest network provides lots of features. People are using jio internet on their PC Windows. So people are like to install the application on their PC. Jio4G voice is one of the jio application which helps to make a voice call but there is no official website to download Jio4G voice on PC. It is only available on the mobile version. You can easily download it from Google Play Store free of cost.

If you want to install the Jio4GVoice  application on your PC then follow these below steps. To run any Android application on your PC then you need to install Android emulators. We guide you to install Jio4GVoice for PC with very simple steps using Android emulators.

Install Jio4G voice for PC using BlueStacks:

BlueStacks is the best Android Emulator helps to install Android application on your PC. And it works very well on your PC if your system should have 2GB RAM, 2GB free space and good graphics card. Now let's see the step by step procedure to install Jio4G voice for PC.
  • Go to the official web page of BlueStacks Android Emulator.
  • You can use any Browser on your PC Windows but we recommended Google Chrome.
  • Open your browser and search blueStacks.
  • Just click the link and it will be redirected to the official web page of BlueStacks Android Emulator.
  • Download the latest version of BlueStacks Android Emulator. Why we recommended the latest version of BlueStacks is that it allows us to installs an android application on the Mac device.
  • After complete, the installation process of BlueStacks Android Emulator just open the software and find google Play Store.
Jio4GVoice for PC
  • Sign in with your Google account which helps to access your Google Play Store to install the android application.
  • Now open the Google Play Store and type Jio4G voice on the search bar
  • Click the install button on the Jio4GVoice  application.
  • Once you install the Jio4GVoice  application then you enter your jio number to access this application.
  • After completing the login process of Jio4G voice then you can make an unlimited voice call using this application.

Benefits of Jio4G voice for PC:

Jio provides lots of features to the user. In that way, jio launching Jio4G voice especially for non-supporting volte option smartphone users. Jio4G voice provides lots of features which are listed below.
  • Unlimited voice calls.
  • Supporting non-volte option devices.
  • Make a voice call without any interrupt.
  • It provides crystal clear voice calls.
  • Free to download.

If you have any queries about this article or any other doubts related to jio applications just feel free to ask us using the comment box section.

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